Have A Seat

If you adopt a chair, your name and favorite quote will be placed on a chair of your choice in a brand new lecture hall on the Tilburg University campus. For only €50 a year (for a period of 5 years) you can ‘sit’ next to your friends and former classmates, teachers or students. Adopt a chair and provide the next generation of students with a seat. That seat will give them the chance to study at Tilburg University and develop their talents.

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Support young talent

With your chair you will give young talent a chance to study at Tilburg University and to further develop themselves, just like you did. The raised funds go to:   

  • Talented top student athletes who need financial support to participate in a match or training abroad.
  • Excellent international students who would like to obtain a Master’s degree in Tilburg, but who cannot afford it without your help.
  • Students who need a (small) financial contribution to finish their studies because of extreme external circumstances.